Puppy’s first groom

In Tony & Dog Groomers we know that the first time ever for a puppy in a dog grooming salon is a very important moment. Similar to when a child gets his first haircut. They don’t understand why are they there, and what is going to happen to them. Working with puppies can also try the patience of the most skilled dog groomers.And your initial approach can have a lifelong effect on a pup, be it positive or negative. The experiences that they live on their first months of their life, they won’t forget.

That’s why in Tony & Dog Groomers in Sale, we take very personal every single step of the first visit of our new young clients to our salon. We try everything that we have to, for they to have the best experience ever.During the first grooming session, the main idea is to familiarize puppies with the process.

When the puppy first arrives at Tony & Dog Groomers in Sale, we start by slowly introducing ourselves to the little one via speaking to him in a soft, soothing voice, petting and cuddling him and playing with him for a bit, to gain his trust, and to enable him to regard grooming as a fun, enjoyable experience. Above, all, patience is key. Then we let the young pup to make a good sniff along the salon.

Furthermore, the grooming sessions initially should be kept short and sweet. We high recommend initially sticking with the following services the first few times the puppies are being groomed:
1. Bathing
1. Light brush out
2. Nail trim
3. Ear cleaning
4. Light trim where especially needed, such as around the face and feet.

And the last thing that in Tony & Dog Groomers we high recommend is not to wait until the 6 months for a first puppy groom. After they are fully vaccinated, they can come for a first Tony & Dog Groomers experience. We are confident that they will love it!


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