You can book an appointment by popping into the shop during opening hours or by telephoning the salon on 0161 2223434, we have an answering machine to take your call out of hours or you can e-mail at info@tonyanddog.com with any enquiries you have.

For your convenience we do not have a waiting list and aim to be able to give your pet an appointment within two weeks of your enquiry. We are open 5 days a week and we offer a late opening hours on Wednesdays so can accommodate with a wider choice of appointments.

Our appointment system works to minimise the time your dog is in the salon and providing a stress free environment. Usually your dog wouldn’t be at the salon for more than two hours, depending of the type of grooming we have to do.

Please walk your dog to release some energy before the grooming process starts. This makes the process easier and more enjoyable for your dog.

Dogs are not sedated on these premises.

We offer a range of styles of your choice dependant on the condition of the coat and that it is knot free and plentiful and the dog is of good temperament. We offer different price ranges for you to choose, which reflect the work done.

We do not de-matt dogs as we feel that this can be uncomfortable and stressfull for dogs who are not used to being handled so intimatley, this can also be very time consuming. However we will remove knots depending on the severity during the grooming process. There could be an additional charge for this.
The animal welfare act stipulates it is an offense to cause animals pain or discomfort and we reserve the right to remove coat if we feel this is the case.

Unfortunately we don’t offer a collection service at the moment.

We advise you to start your puppy with a bath and trim a week after the final vaccinations. Your puppy can get used to the sights and smells of the salon and settle in from an early age.

There are not discount entitlements for having more than one dog but please drop by and pick up our New Customer Loyalty Card. As we cherish our loyal Customers we would like to reward you and you will receive a £10 discount on your fifth full groom appointment.

You could bring a treat with your dog-preferably something really tasty which your pet won’t refuse. This acts as a really good reward for good behaviour and helps us to gain your dog’s interest.

You will need a brush and comb for your pets coat type and will usually need to use this on a weekly basis, removing knots and debris from the coat. A secure table makes a good place for grooming as your pet will be in a more comfortable position for you to reach around the legs. It is also beneficial for your pet if you remove the hair from the ears on a weekly basis.

Prices are set realistically depending on the breed and work to be carried out but you may incur additional charges for removal of stubborn knots, well overdue and unkempt coats or aggressive behaviour.

We do not use drying boxes as we feel these are unnecessary with the most up to date equipment we have available. All the dogs at Tony & Dog are hand dried and under supervision at all times.

As we lose money when business does not show up we are now charging the cost of the full groom for no shows. This money must be paid before another appointment is made.

Of course we are always appreciative of a tip and this boosts staff moral and goes towards our holiday celebrations.

You may feed your dog a small amount as this can keep them comfortable during the grooming. Please do not overfeed and allow your dog the opportunity to toilet well before arrival.