About us

Tony & Dog is an enthusiastic company that specialises in professional dog grooming. We are based in Sale, Manchester. It is a family business which provides a personalised service to clients, adapting to individual needs whilst always maintaining a high quality dog grooming service.

Tony & Dog is a business that is always at the forefront of the latest styles and techniques, dedicating ourselves to continuous training and professional development. We also support charitable causes in our community. Tony & Dog takes pleasure in helping associations dedicated to the permanent rehoming of abandoned dogs.


My name is Antonio Ramos but my customers, friends and family call me Tony. I grew up on a Mediterranean island called Majorca, but five years ago we moved to Manchester to continue my career and to gain more international experience. For as far back as I remember I have been surrounded by all types of animals (dogs, cats, fish, horses, birds, etc). It has always been my dream to work with animals and so I embarked upon this wonderful journey into the world of dog grooming back in 2008. Since then I was trained in the Artero International Academy and with the very few Master Craftsmen Dog Stylists in Europe.

Dog grooming is an ever-evolving industry and I continuously develop my skills through training in order to provide the best possible service to my clients. My motto is humbleness, passion and dedication.


As long as Malu can remember she has been around animals. Malu was born in Peru and her family has always had numerous pets – Dogs, cats, fish and even a monkey called Ricky! Malu has studied International Hotel Management in the University of the Balearic Islands in Majorca, Spain. After finishing her studies in 2008, she worked for various prestigious hotel chains and tour operators in Spain and England. Malu has been following and supporting me since I started in the dog grooming world, therefore she has learned a lot about dog grooming. She runs the administrative side of the business. We complement each other very well in work and we are a great team together. Currently, Malú is now starting to get involved in Dog Handling – Dog Showing. Malu and Bimba train every day to achieve their goals in the show ring.

Our Fur Family

Lazarin Lazaros
The Captain

Lazarin Lazaros is a seven-and-a-half-year-old Siberian husky born in the Catalan Pyrenees (Spain), in the Lazaro Martinez kennel. Lazarín is a true sled dog.  He was the Spanish champion in the 15-day Pirena race, 2011. I then adopted him at four years of age. He is a semi-retired dog, very good with other dogs and a great companion. Sometimes we go out together to do sport.

Samiscan Barcelona

Bimba is a miniature poodle, born in Terrassa (Barcelona). Her father was world champion in 2010 and her mother was champion of Spain in 2014 and champion of Gibraltar in 2015. She is very playful and well-behaved. Although she can be cheeky, she is also very intelligent and quick to learn. This year we start our adventure together in beauty and grooming shows.

The Special one

Bella is a five-and-a-half-year-old Greenland dog. She is an adopted dog. We always try to give opportunities to dogs that, for whatever reason, haven’t found the home that they deserve. Bella is a very strong dog with a lot of energy, but very kind and sweet. She has adapted brilliantly to our little pack. We are training to do the sport ‘bikejoring’ together. Bella is the best big sister that Bimba could wish for.

The naughty one

Mason is our second miniature poodle, he is the youngest member of our pack. Mason was born in England in 2017. He is very playful and affectionate and his favourite hobby is carrying things in his mouth on walks and around the house.